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by MMan
29 Oct 2018, 17:19
Forum: TurbulenceFD for CINEMA 4D
Topic: TR Client can't find sim cache
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TR Client can't find sim cache

Hi!, When I launch a render on our server it will list each frame of the sim cache; ...Created Asset '14d98......trb_sim_cache_0000000111.bcf for example. But then I'll get' TFD ERROR: CacheFrameGuard::load():render server request failed for "...server path..../bd36f46.....trb_sim_cache_0000000111.b...
by MMan
14 Sep 2018, 14:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Multiple Containers not Rendering
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Multiple Containers not Rendering

My scenes utilize multiple containers for my simulations. Each container renders properly on my local machine. When I send it to the render farm it will only render one of the containers. When I check the c4d log files it appears that it is looking for cache files for the containers but the cache fi...