2 fluids collide

Hello, i m trying to make 2 different emitters collide with each other. So im using one container for this. The problem is that after the fact, i wanna mesh those two and make em different materials. But since they are on same container i dont know how to do this. Any thoughts? ty

One container will create one set of bcf files so it will treat the whole sim as one. You cannot then break it up into separate emitters. You would have to try some jiggery pokery in post. Perhaps render one pass out using temperature and one pass out using density and try and work on each separately in post and then combine them using masks ? Or for a straight TFD render have one emitter using temperature (no buoyancy) and one using density ? I am not too sure. But if you mesh the bcf files by converting to vbd you get one file for the whole mesh

Thanks Paul. I ended up using 1 temp 1 density :slight_smile: and works fine

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Post up a render…let’s see the magic

Herer u go :slight_smile: I ended up using same colors though they are split the left side is temperature and right is density03_TFD_logo_sneak_peak


Neat idea…for a logo ?

How are you finding render times compare with Octane and C4D native renders ?

Thanks! Yes this is our logo and im playing around for a tutorial. Well i have no actual comparison to be honest, cause i only use octane.

So as u see here, im in around 7 min per frame on this state with 2x1070 gpus @ 720p.
I ve used very high density and the lowest volume step length u can have in octane (this one adds a lot). U can get away with less i guess. I think Redshift should be quicker.


Hey Thanos,

I see you colored the smoke in Z space with gradient or somehow? Is that a octane feature or could you shed a light on how to do this?



Hey Sandi,
Its the new octane 2019. U can apply textures direct to volumes, noises or bitmaps or OSL

Damn, have an old v4, tried in demo now, works nicely.

Thanks for reply!

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If you have one simulation with density and temperature and want to shade each channel individually you can duplicate the container. Then, you´ll have one container with a texture tag for the temp, and another container with a texture tag for the density.

Works in Redshift, it should work also in Octane.
Awesome sim by the way Thanos :slight_smile:

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Did exactly that in another example. Thank u very much for the response!

ah, cool! Do the 2 containers work properly with Octane?

Yes it works as intended!

Awesome! Thanks for your reply!