Beta Release v0.2.5

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System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • GPU simulation requires an Nvidia GPU with CUDA CC 3.5 or later (see CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer ).
  • (optional) Cinema 4D R20 or later
  • (optional) Redshift v3.0.53 or newer.


  • [Nodes] RakeNode: support setting curve bounds from parameter attributes.
  • [Nodes] RakeNode: parameter groups were not rebuild correctly on source change.
  • [Nodes] RakeNode: support compile-time constant parameters.
  • [Particles] Undo did not work correctly for some sampler parameters.
  • [Particles] Vector sampler created incorrect values in some cases.
  • [Volumes] Added vorticity masking.
  • [Rake] Added additional constructors for optional types.
  • [Rake] Support blocks as expressions.
  • [Rake] Fixed crash when reporting some errors.
  • [Rake] Fixed incorrect handling of some temporary expressions.
  • [Rake] Fixed incorrect codegen for some block exit modes.
  • [Templates] Merged Examples into Templates tree
  • [Templates] Updated shading of Explosion template.
  • [UI] CodeEditor: goto module did not work for sub-packages.
  • [UI] CurveEditor: knot position did not update correctly when dragging number element.
  • [UI] CurveEditor: tangent constraints were not updated correct when moving multiple knots.
  • [Volumes] Support remapping combustion intensities.

Updated shading of Explosion template:

Hey there,
I might have a dumb question.
Could be I also just didn’t read the documentation carefully enough.
But are all fire spawning and other physics based on particles in it?
I tried to do something I did in TFD I wanted to use a plane as Fan to blow something away.
Or spawn from the fire just from a surface.
Is that possible like in TFD?

Hey - just downloaded the new Beta Release and upon Login i get the following error:
“Failed to connect to license manager. Pleas make sure […]”.

I can access from this computer though. Any ideas what i could do? Maybe Firewall or Compatibility? Im running standard windows 10.

It’s possible, but the workflow still has rough edges.
The tag Reactions/Voxelize corresponds to the TFD/Emitter tag. You can add this tag to C4D objects in order to use them in the sim.
New in the Voxelize tag is a Volume list that allows you to select the Volumes that the tagged object gets voxelized into. TFD does not have this list, which can make multi-container setups rather messy.

Here is where the current workflow get bumpy: if you used a template with a full sim setup, the Volume list contains several entries that don’t seem to make sense. You’ll want to select the Advect/Volume Grid entry. This will get cleaned up soon.
There is another list parameter below that should have its entries selected and that will get cleaned up as well.

Below that is the Channels list, which works like the Channels section in TFD/Emitter. The UI formatting is slightly different, because the channels can be customized now. And there are a few more options to control emission from particle attributes etc.

This could be a firewall, but the default Windows firewall wouldn’t block it. It could also be a temporary connection problem. I can’t see any problems on the server side at the moment.
Does this still persist?

Yes i waited a few hours and its still persisting. I will try re-installing it now!


I tried reinstalling but it didnt work, i also tried launching the Standalone app, but i cant even enter my email there, once i type the @-sign it crashes - see screenshot.

Could you please send the crash dump that was written? You can find it in %HOMEPATH%\ReactionsData\CrashDumps.
Thank you.

This seems to be related to the Nvidia driver. Could you please try the latest build v0.2.6 (link below)?
If the problem persists, please try updating your Nvidia driver to the latest version. If this still does not resolve the issue, please send the new crash dump as well as the log file from %HOMEPATH%\ReactionsData\reactions.log
Thank you.

The new update v0.2.6 has several workflow improvements that get it closer to the familiar TFD workflow. Please have a look and let me know if it starts to make sense.