Beta Release v0.2.7

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System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • GPU simulation requires an Nvidia GPU with CUDA CC 3.5 or later (see CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer).
  • (optional) Cinema 4D R20 or later
  • (optional) Redshift v3.0.53 or newer.


  • [Activation] Fixed error during login on some systems.
  • [C4D] Support C4D Material tags to map REA material node connections.
  • [C4D] Fixed: transform rotation order was not bridged correctly.
  • [C4D] Fixed: Cache mode was not restored correctly when switching scenes.
  • [C4D][Volume] Compute collision object velocities from C4D objects.
  • [DFG] Fixed missing viewport updates in some cases when changing material parameters.
  • [Particles] Moved ParticleMaterial parameters to ParticleEmitter/Viewport tab.
  • [Particles] Added Perturbation to DragAndWind modifier.
  • [SDK] Added interfaces to Volume and Particle objects.
  • [SDK] Added interface to VolumeMaterial.
  • [SDK] Added interfaces for node access, export and import.
  • [UI] Fixed hang in CodeEditor when switching between files in some cases.
  • [UI] Volume channel selection lists were not updated when only channel type changed.
  • [UI] Updated Voxelize node/tag icon to associate with Volume Grid.
  • [UserGuide] Updated Project Velocity page
  • [Viewport] Moved viewport-only Show Blocks/Box parameters to to VolumeGrid/Viewport tab.
  • [Viewport] Added Use Material and Channel parameters to VolumeGrid/Viewport.
  • [Volume] Turbulence: simplified mask parameterization (see User Guide on Turbulence).
  • [Volume] Channels were not cleared inside solids in some node sequences.
  • [Volume] Added collision channel in default config.

Quick look at the updated collider workflow and viewport preview settings:

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This is great! Nice to see collision support added to Reactions :smiley:. The video highlighting changes is very helpful!

Would you say Reactions is stable enough to be used for final projects? Or would you have an estimated timeline for release candidate? Understand it’s probably very difficult to say, just anxious :stuck_out_tongue:

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Loving Reactions so far but I’m finding it difficult to setup a scene from scratch. The templates are really cool but is there any documentation or any simple steps one can take to say set a primitive on fire?


I agree, this little vid I learned like a dozen things already so thanks for that, but I find there are lots of params and channels in the templates that are fine but I have no idea what Im doing and sometimes I click to add things based on what I think makes sense and it just crashes… Crashes quite often if you do something you shouldnt haha who wouldve thought! But manipulating from scratch is currently a more difficult task and I struggle with that for sure. For example I absolutely love using XP particles and driving velocity emmision from them and having the full stack of xp modifiers to help guide the particles, in TFD that’s a pretty easy task, in reactions say I’d want to do the same and then have that volume created to advect XP particles which is easy in TFD, how in the world would I do that in Reactions


for example, this is a fun little setup which TFD really drives the engine sure the particles are XP both for the velocity driver and advection but TDF handles the rest. I’m assuming XP and even native cinema aren’t setup right now? But just expansion on fun stuff like this are personally what I enjoy. I feel advection as a whole is awesome and I would just want reactions to carry over the same functionality but in theory better. I just find currently I struggle to do many things I want with reactions (obviously learning curve) but I don’t even know where to start for most things.

Nice update. Have it support CPU ?

I will say this version is quite unstable. It won’t allow me to add any Reactions object to the scene without it crashing.

Reactions is not stable yet. You could use its results in production if you lock them in first, then use the baked caches or VDBs. But you should not rely on it yet to iterate in production.

Yes, still difficult to say with any precision. Definitely this year, hopefully summer. This is also an incremental process. It’ll get closer with every update.

Could you send or post the steps required to reproduce the crash and include C4D’s crash report and the Reactions log file? (See here for details)

Thank you.

For specific setups like setting objects on fire, there are more templates coming. To set a primitive on fire, you’ll then add a Flames template and drag the Voxelize tag from the template’s object to the primitive. I have demoed a similar workflow with the Explosion template here.

I’m also planning on a more comprehensive walk through of the simulation setup to explain how to create a simulation from scratch without templates. This aims to serve a deeper understanding for advanced setups. In practice you’ll probably still start with one of the templates in most cases, simply because it saves clicks and time.

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When it crashes and if you can spare a moment, please try to repeat the steps to the crash and note then in an email. Include the crash report and log file (details here).
This helps a lot to resolve crashes sooner.
Thank you.

Reactions cannot bridge XP particles yet. It’ll be just as straight forward as in TFD when it does.

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CPU simulation is not complete yet. I’m expecting it to become available in one of the next two updates.

Thank you for this! Indeed. I’m looking for a deeper understanding of proper workflows so that I can build out unique setups of my own for sure. So far though I’m very impressed with performance and the quality of the sims is the best I’ve seen! Amazing work Jascha!

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