Different colors in the emission

when will it be possible to have different colors from the emitter?

The next major release will support this. The release date has not been set yet.
The shot you posted does not need this feature, though.

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Hi Jascha, thanks for the reply, in the video I published it is clear that there are areas where the emitter is white and others darker. If I am not mistaken this in TFD still cannot be done

Ah, indeed. Since these are probably just two colors, you could do this by using the Burn channel as a 2nd smoke channel. In your renderer you can then setup a 2nd smoke shader with different colors using the Burn channel as input.
If you are using C4Dā€™s builtin renderer,

  • add a 2nd container and point it to the cache created by the first one,
  • setup the smoke shader on the 2nd container to use the Burn input channel and a different color

This works OK if you have only two colors to deal with.

In the future you will be able to use any number of custom channels as well as an RGB channel for arbitrary colors. Unlike the above approach, this will also allow doing sth. like this: