Fill/mask custom volume with TFD

I’d like to try using TFD to create an effect seen in the X Particles Reel, check the 30s mark on this video for reference:

The smoke can only be seen when it enters the bounds of the XP logo

To achieve this with Xplosia and render it with Cycles4D, you apply the material to the enclosing geometry, not the domain. Here’s a screenshot:

Applying the same concept using TFD, applying a material to the custom geo which resides within the container, does not seem to produce the desired effect. Is it possible?

Create your shape whichever way, perhaps using a boolean operator and then use the resulting geo as an emitter and have it fill the emitter and i you want it static just use density with no burn turbulence or temperature.

Thanks Paul… do I apply the volume material to the geo or to the container? The thing is, the emission really needs to happen outside the bounds of the custom geo for the effect to work - the smoke billows upwards to fill the container from below (but we only see the smoke as it enters the bounds) - so I dont see how having the custom geo as the emitter would work here…

Volume material ? What are you rendering with ? Most 3rd party renderers such as redshift and Arnold have a vol shader assigned to the container, TFD natural is built in. Either way it should make no difference, you are just shading the fluids and you want an emitter tag on the geometry doing the emission.
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You can get my 13 hour tutorial set here :slight_smile:

Seems to me like the emission is coming from the leading edge of the animated logo, which is easy to do with an emit from selection tag or vertex tag and then a separate logo is animated to give the patterned growth and composited. Or if you want to go high tech have the emission from the leading edge and then have a separate animated geometry as a collider to keep the fluids inside…just a guess. I will try some examples when I have time.

Thanks for buying the tutorials Jonathan…It really makes a difference if I can pay my internet and sparks etc !! I am working on a scene at the moment but will get onto your projects asap. If you could upload some sort of basic file so I can get an idea of what you are after.

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You’re welcome Paul! Very happy to support you :slight_smile:

I guess this is probably more of a rendering workflow issue and therefore not immediately related to TFD… I am using Cycles4D, their point density texture node can accept TFD data so is probably a great renderer for this… but here’s my scene file

Dark Arps TFD Logo (53.1 KB)

OK will have a look soon. So many render engines !! So far I am liking the idea of Arnold. I have messed with the demo and for TFD it seems quite logical. It also does not faf around with the myriad of settings other renderers have. Speed ? it seems fast but at the end of the day for a pro shot a render farm will slice up the time

Updated scene file with Cycles4D materials:

Dark Arps TFD Logo (1.3 MB)

TBH the behaviouris very inconsistent and I think I’m probably better off asking Insydium…

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