Less whispy smoke

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to TFD and am trying to achieve a look similar to this:

I’ve gotten some pretty nice results playing round with density/vorticity/turbuelnce but wondering what I could do to make the smoke a little less whispy and more cloudlike as in the reference image with the girl?

Firstly you are using a very old version of TFD why not update? Please post an image of what you have so far and I can get a feel for what you mean by “less whispy” Also your vorticity is very high, bring it down to somewhere around 5 unless you are doing a very thick explosion smoke then you can go higher maybe to 20 but high vorticity will create unwanted “fuzziness”. Also there is a very wide range in your turbulence setting…think of it as Octaves…you have untold octaves there try a ratio of 1:2 or 1:4. Remember to set the turbulence higher than you voxel size else it will not calculate properly.

In your render settings increase the thickness of the smoke will also make it less “whispy” as well as the angle of your lighting to bring the shadows out

Thanks for the info Paul. I wasn’t aware there was a newer version - I’m on v1.0_1452 - I couldn’t see any upgrade options on the jawset site but would be interested to see what’s available in newer builds.

I posted a render test in my original post - I’ll put it in here again:

When you mentioned the wide range in the turbulence settings do you mean the ratio between my smallest and largest size?

Thanks for the tips, I’ll have a play.

Yes lower the range and lower the amount of turbulence as well at lowering the vorticity. Are you on Lightwave ? if so that may be why I saw it as a old version I am C4D. Also look at lowering the decay of the density so it stays thicker longer but if that means you get too much you can adjust the shading graphs. The 0/0 point on the density graph can be dragged along the x axis to clip the density and get rid of the “whispies”