License issue in R21 Volume License

I have turbulence fd installed on my laptop with r21. I just recently went to use the plugin and it prompted me to login, but tells me all the available seats are taken. This is the only computer i have had it installed on. I updated the plugin to the most recent and it still says the same. My online account says Volume license, 1 seat and shows the same laptop.

Any thoughts on how to get it to work? THanks!

PM’ed you with the resolution.

I am also having the same problem. I have the Volume license and it says all seats are taken. Can’t seem to figure it out.

PM’ed you with the resolution.

Hey Jascha,
mine doesn’t seem to show in R21. Can you assist.?

If it’s not showing at all it’s an installation issue rather than a license issue.
Please make sure you are using the latest build of TurbulenceFD from and note the updated installation instructions in the README.txt.
After restarting C4D and using the plugin for the first time it should then prompt you to activate a license. You can then use your Jawset login to do so.

Hi could you Message us the resolution as well. We really need this for a deadline this week and we upgraded to windows 10 and it says all licences are taken.


PM’ed your resolution.

Having trouble getting registered for R21. Is it the same process?

Please send an email to in order to resolve individual license issues.

Thank you.

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