Reactions Login Window

Is it normal for the reactions login window to appear almost every time C4D launches? What is the login lease time?

I’m wondering this myself. I quit testing Reactions because it kept doing this everytime I opened C4D.

By the way, for me it appears even when I launch After Effects (which, as we know, has a built-in C4D engine — Cineware).

I am also wondering this. It also bizarrely asks for the login when I open After Effects sometimes, which is super weird.

good question I was just filling it out but now that someone brings it up I would like to turn it off. It would be cool if it checked for login after c4d started then when you log in the website click a box that lets you stay logged in… and maybe kicks you off every other month something like that…

Thanks for your reports of this issue.

Reactions is supposed to keep the activation indefinitely. It is a bug that it loses it occasionally. I’ll get this fixed ASAP.

Regarding After Effects, it may load Reactions via Cineware, as @Aleksei_Segodin points out. This will get resolved with the same fix.


This should now be resolved in v0.2.6. Please let me know if it works for you.