Some Problems with Tutorials

I have bought the Basic Tutorials and Work Ons for Turbulance FD from Payloads.

The Material is pretty Usefull, but i got Problems with the Tutorials.
At one or two i must have the old Coffee Script. The Tutorials are made with lesser versions of Cinema.

As far i know, if i have more than one Container, they may not cross each other.
In my Scene i got 2 Containers with a singe Folder for the Cache.

But only one is rendered. Its the Simple Explosion with the Dust Wave on the Ground.
I dont know howb to Handle it. The only Thing i can do, is to render each Part separatly and combine them Both in Premiere elements. That pretty the only possibility.

I got especially Xpresso modes in the different parts. But i cannot handle them. They are far to Complicated. At least for me.

What can i do with the Problem of the two crossing Containers ?

Glad you like the tutorials. Not exactly sure what the problem you are having is ? Have you actually gone through the tutorial and made the scene ?
For two containers :
Setup container A and emitter A and simulate Container A
Switch Off Container and Emitter A
Setup Container B and Emitter B Set up a new cache for Container B and Simulate Container B
Switch on All Containers and add a light and render.
My Tutorials

Here i have a little Scene.
Its the Blast Plume and the Dust Wave on the Ground.

I cannot set the right Settings for the Ground Wave. I need some help here.
On Youtube was a Tutorial, where the Artist worked with Cinema and After Effects.

The remaining Video on Youtube is Cutted. I need the Settings for the Ground Wave.

You have a similar scene in my tutorial set you bought follow that