TFD 3rd party render problem

Hello. I have a Mac and a PC and i use Arnold as render engine with TFD. When i use TFD with my laptop (Mac) everything is fine, i can render with Arnold but when i revoke my licence and try to use TFD with my Win PC, simulation screen works but i can not render and get an error message telling me to update Arnold (which is up to date). This error message is the same message when I try to use Arnold with TFD trial version. Can you please help me to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Please also check that you are using the latest licensed version of TFD. Please make sure only one version of TFD gets loaded and it’s not the Learning Edition.

Hello. I have fixed the problem. It seems that Arnold causes the problem. Version 2.6 doesn’t work with the latest edition of TFD. Thank you.

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