Using the Rendering > smoke and fire shaders in 3rd party renderer

Just wondering what if any use there is for the smoke/fire shaders found under the container’s Rendering tab outside of the C4D Standard renderer? Can data be pulled from these and used in a third party renderer? I use Cycles4D which does accept all the TFD channels and I have been getting some great results rendering TFD volumes with it, but there is some useful functionality there that I might want to take advantage of, particularly cutting down on render times using the mapping curve (thanks Paul)

Redshift, Arnold and Octane are 3 that i know that will render TFD …Vray needs conversion to vdb which can be done with the command-line converter inside the TFD plug-in folder

Arnold can be controlled from the TFD shader settings not sure about the others

Cycles does not use the TFD shading settings. You’ll have to setup Cycles shaders separately.

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Arnold and Redshift have some interesting options, not sure about Octane etc. You can use"Burn" in the emission channel and have it take it’s colouring from “fire” ( or whatever you shade the fire with)…you can of course mix and match here. But the point is you can get varying levels of control from within TFD itself

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