Want to Use Render Farm, First Time

Hello! I have a scene I wish to render using a Render Farm.

I have two 2 2080 Supers, but it still takes too long to render on my own I’m taking 6 minutes per frame too long. I’m a Windows User, and was wondering how and which render farm to use?

For now I’m using VDB’s that I created in TFD, but was also wondering if the process is simple to do in terms of using a Render Farm with TFD by itself, and is it “Fast”?

To give you a look on why it’s taking so long to render, here’s a still using Redshift.

There are different workflows wrt. asset management depending on the render farm and renderer. Some support TFD directly, most others should support rendering VDBs. I suggest you take a look at https://www.zyncrender.com/ which comes pre-integrated into C4D.


Thank you so much for this info! I also heard of Pixel Plow recently, but had no idea Zyncrender came pre-integrated with C4D! :smiley:

Give me a base scene file so I can recreate it and see if I can optimize your render times.