X-Particles Age Emission Intensity

I’m having trouble getting particle emission intensity (particle property) to use x-particles data.

Specifically, I’m trying to just use particle age… I thought this was integrated –

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

It is. There is what seems to be a bug in Xparticles in current versions though. XP is sending incorrect vaules for age, size and mass properties across its SDK interface.
I’m hoping this can be resolved soon.

Oh great, thanks! Good to know it isn’t just me missing something…

That’s still too bad though… it’s kinda boning me…

Maybe I can rever to an older version where it was working

By chance has the X-Particles team been informed of the issue? I’ve asked them about it and I’m really getting nowhere with them

Yes. It has been a while ago, though. I have created a ticket to revisit this. I would still expect this to get take some time to get resolved.

Just so you know I went through a few messages with support, until they essentially just told me to submit a bug report so the devs can get their hands on it.

But I wanted to share some of my findings in testing…


This is probably not helpful… but I did find one very specific value that does respond for some reason… but at a constant rate/no change over time. The Y value @ X 2 on the graph acts as an intensity control