simulation limits, restart vs. update

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simulation limits, restart vs. update

Post by brandonk » 21 Feb 2011, 18:25

the manual is not very clear on the differences between simulation update vs restart.

when trying to simulate a long comp (20 seconds at 29.97 fps) the simulation window keeps closing. what is causing this... does RAM Cache have any bering over how many frames can be simulated to disk? when I want it to pickup from where it left off would I choose restart or update, or am I out of luck and I have to restart the simulation from frame 0?

when I save and reopen, i still see the frames that made it, but I can't get it to pickup where it left off and I am maxing out around 60 frames simulated.

help please!

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Re: simulation limits, restart vs. update

Post by jascha » 23 Feb 2011, 16:27

Update is supposed to pick up where the sim left off. This doesn't work across restarts of AE, though.
If your sim aborts it may run out of memory. Please try lowering the RAM Cache setting.
Also, if you have a file called .turbulence2d.log in your user home directory, could you send it to (

If you're on MacOS, the .turbulence2d.log file is hidden. If you're on Snow Leopard, you can use the attach function of Mail, go to your home directory, then press Shift+Command+Period to show hidden files. Else you'll have to show hidden files in Finder to see the log file.

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