TurbulenceFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals Tutorials and Projects

Fluid Dynamics for CINEMA 4D
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Re: TFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals Tutorials and Projects

Post by Frank » 02 Jun 2014, 10:42

As a beginner with TFD i found these tutorials invaluable and for the length 13 + hours a really good deal. Scripted tutorials often seem to skim the surface without actually teaching you anything, these tutorials are fairly technical and you actually get to learn the software from first principles. Can't wait for more !!

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Re: TFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals Tutorials and Projects

Post by paulselhi » 06 Jun 2014, 07:27

and here is a message i got from one of my site members

Review From Our Member "Inlife"

Hey, I just felt like writing a short message, hope you dont mind. Excuse my poor grammar, not a native speaker.

I got the turbulence training a few days ago and went through it almost in a day. I have to say it's probably one of the best training products I've bought. Big thumbs up, it's better than the help file itself. I'd even say it's a bit underpriced. Seems like a huge effort and time envestment. Certainly worth coming back for more stuff from you, great tutoring and ability to make tricky concepts understandable. It will be a great reference. Keep up the good stuff.

A small note - the banding you were getting in the compositing section was due to the fact that when switching to 32 bit tiff the color space went to linear autmatically + the standard straight alpha preview issue. This causes wierd color behaviour in the pic viewer but it all goes back to normal in post if you linearize your colors space. Probably aware of that, just thougt I mention it.


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Re: TFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals Tutorials and Projects

Post by rwalker » 13 Jun 2014, 17:01

I'll jump in here to say that I purchased and viewed the entire training package am quite pleased with it. My one niggle is the audio quality - occasionally distorted, and never great - but certainly usable. As for content and the way in which is is presented, I happen to like the fairly free-flowing style used. There are hours of focused, experience-based points of information - punctuated with the occasional meander into areas (such as the more obscure parameters) that Paul freely mentions he does not know much about but then proceeds to experiment with and sort out on the fly. His method of setting up multiple identical containers in the same scene, and then altering a parameter in one of them to demonstrate the difference is so simple yet so effective.

For the price I paid it's a good and fair deal.

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Re: TFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals Tutorials and Projects

Post by dhmiller » 14 Jun 2014, 01:40

I purchased the tutorials and have found them to be excellent. The pace is good and the train of thought that guides them is very intuitive. Well done!

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Re: TFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals Tutorials and Projects

Post by paulselhi » 14 Jun 2014, 16:21

I have separated the Introduction part of the Fundamentals tutorial for those who wish just to get a basic handle on TFD

This is a 45 min Introduction to TFD In Cinema 4D taken from the full TFD Cinema 4D Fundamentals 1 set available from the main d/l link as a free d/l:

This intro will give you a solid foundation and get you up to speed with TFD allowing you to run simulations and render out the results, however we do recommend that to get a full insight into TFD you purchase the full 14 hour fundamentals set that includes projects and scene files
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Re: TFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals Tutorials and Projects

Post by vfxman222 » 10 Jul 2014, 20:15

Good points on both sides. Short to the point videos make for fast creation of said project in the video. Exploring all the parameters and what they do and how they effect each other is more valuable in controlling the creation to get what you want. Teach a man to fish, if you will. :)

Thanks Paul for taking the time to make the videos, each and every one of them, as a video tutorial creator myself I can appreciate the hard work that goes into making them. I pseudo script mine out only for sake of time. I can't keep uploading 1 hour+ videos every time for a series. ;) Your raw approach in showing how to build each setup is still very informative and I have found the series invaluable. Plus anytime it might lull in the video, I just fast forward. Given that nearly every parameter can add or destroy the look of fire/smoke, it becomes a laboratory. You have to experiment with the values, as you said. It's just the nature of the simulation world. The broad strokes can be laid out, but after that you still have lots of trial and error to make something work for you.

The little things that you mention in the series, like the 0.001000 tweak on the shader curve to speed up the render on smoke. That little note, cut my render times down nearly half or more in some cases. I've been creating an in-house 2k stock footage archive of smoke and fire for 2D compositing this past two weeks, and that tweak saved my sanity. I can safely say that 80% of what I know in Turbulence is thanks to all your tutorials you have made from the very beginning of TFD's birth. Keep them coming. I thank you again Paul.

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