Retime loaded Caches

Fluid Dynamics for CINEMA 4D
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Retime loaded Caches

Post by joe » 18 Oct 2016, 12:11


Is there any way to retime Caches?

For a current project I need to have simulations that have to be paused for certain amount of times. Because simulations need to be static for a couple of minutes (and it´s multiple different sims) it makes no sense to really cache all those frames with a timescale of 0 - just a waste of disk space.

My simulation has to be animated, then pause,.................................. then continue it´s animation again.

Any way to archieve that?

Sure: I could freeze the simulation with a "Frame Step" of 0 and then use 2 copies of that with different frame offsets and enable/disable only the specific fluids.
BUT: With more than 20 loaded simulations within one scene and a timeline duration of ~10000 that´s gonna become quite messy :\

Thanks in advance!

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