How to get an ongoing simulation at frame 0?

Fluid Dynamics for CINEMA 4D
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How to get an ongoing simulation at frame 0?

Post by XShadowY » 14 Nov 2016, 11:51

Hi all,

I think my question is pretty basic for you all and I`m sure I picked it up in one or more tutorials, but I can`t remember anymore how to set up a kind of pre-run for the simulation.

I need smoke already in it`s grown, extended form when the animation starts at frame 0. Can I achieve that just with a basic sphere as an emitter or does it require a particle setup (with X-Particles for example)?

I think in the past I just added a minus value under "Frame start" in the "Timing" options but that doesn`t work (anymore?).

Paul, in case you are reading this: I browsed through the emitter chapter, but couldn`t find anything suitable. Should this topic be covered in one of the other parts could you point me in that direction? :-)

Thanks for your help everybody!

Best regards,


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