Compositing into AE

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Compositing into AE

Post by terekita » 14 Jul 2017, 04:34


I tried to search the forum for this question, but the terms 'after' and 'effects' are apparently not valid search terms (tried enclosing in quotes, which didn't help)...

I have what I think is an extremely simple problem. I want to render TurbulenceFD smoke from Cinema4d, take the render into AE, and set up the compositing to use the alpha channel for transparency.

Can't figure this out to save my life! I've attached an example of the kind of thing I'm talking about. If I look at at the Picture Viewer single pass, I can see an alpha channel that looks like it should do the trick. But when I bring it into AE, I get the black background and no transparency.

Edit: I see that I need to render in 32 bits. However, even when I do that, when I import into AE and go to "interpret footage," the portion to select the type of alpha is greyed out...

I want to ultimately have the smoke emanating from an object in preexisting live action footage.

If some kind soul could explain how to do this (the transparency part), I would jump and down with joy and be forever grateful.

cheers, Michael
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