Cinema R20

Fluid Dynamics for CINEMA 4D
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Cinema R20

Post by TCW » 04 Sep 2018, 12:10

When changing to R20 this week found Turbulence FD didn't appear in the Plugins menu and also If you go to Jawset to update your serial number its says the new serial for R20 is a R10 serial?

When will the new R20 version be out?
Any ideas, as I never get a reply from support email for Jawset this year for any questions so far?

Is the plugin dead and unsupported?

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Re: Cinema R20

Post by jascha » 05 Sep 2018, 19:34

The license upgrade on the website now recognizes R20 serial numbers correctly.

The new Windows build 1437 supports R20.
I'm expecting the MacOS build to become available later this week.

Apologies for the delay in support response. I could find only one mail from you, though.

The plugin is still supported and will be until after the next major release.

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Re: Cinema R20

Post by pixeltrain » 10 Sep 2018, 14:52

Hi Jascha,

good news. Looking forward to your next major release :-)

Best regards,


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