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Am I doing something wrong???

Posted: 06 Jun 2019, 15:01
by Moby
I cannot get Turbulence FD to with Redshift

I don't have access to any of the channels when using the Redshift Volume shader, they are all greyed out.
I have checked a few You Tube tutorials and they should be available and i have tried with the Turbulence demo files and still thew same

Iam using the latest version of C4D R20, the latest version of Redshift (2.6.42) and the latest version of Turbulence FD (1445) on Windows 10

Am i missing something can somebody help??

Re: Am I doing something wrong???

Posted: 04 Jul 2019, 10:39
by Hampam

I donĀ“t know if this is still a question, but you need a light with volume contribution...