How to reduce or eliminate fire flaring up?

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How to reduce or eliminate fire flaring up?

Postby WYoder » 09 Aug 2017, 19:56

In the scenes i'm working on for a project, the fire tends to flare up every couple seconds, almost like little explosions or as if the rig is igniting again. In most of the scenes it isn't much of an issue, but in one specific scene it causes the fire to almost completely obscure the animation on the rig. When the fire burns normally you can see the rig pretty clearly, but when it flares up like that, you can barely make out the overall shape.

Is there some specific setting that could be causing this that I might need to turn down or off? Simulating the scene takes a long time, due in part to what I referred to in my previous post, so i'd like to fix it in as few attempts as possible. For example, it took me a little over a month and many, many crashes/freezes to finish simulating this scene in the first place. I can provide a video example and screenshots of the settings if need be.


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