Thunderbolt attached nVidia GPU option?

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Thunderbolt attached nVidia GPU option?

Post by nutman » 21 Oct 2014, 13:22

So here's the deal,
I've got a macbook retina 15" with an nvidia 650m and it works fine for some quick and dirty simulations.
Sure that's better than a quadcore i7 (2012 model) but...
I am seriously considering the purchase of a Thunderbolt PCI Express external enclosure along with a brand new 980GTX desktop card, anyone tried such a combination?
Does it work with TFD?
I don't really care for multiple GPUs, just to use something better and faster for my current config (and possibly allow for future upgrades)
Any ideas?

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Re: Thunderbolt attached nVidia GPU option?

Post by mdharrington » 28 Nov 2014, 18:06

Should be OK....

the interconnect is slower, no matter how fast thunderbolt is, PCIe is still way faster

Thunderbolt max theoretical transfer is 20Gbit/sec or 2.5GByte per sec
PCIe v3 is 1Gbyte/sec PER LANE so approx 16GB/sec using full 16 lanes

That being said, all the system has to do is load the video cards memory...which should take no time at all....then the card will calculate internally and the interconnect speed wont matter that much.
There may not even be a measurable difference

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