Model with rig that won't calculate

Fluid Dynamics for LightWave 3D
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Model with rig that won't calculate

Post by stellarstudios » 23 Mar 2017, 23:15

I have a model and a rig that won't calculate. It will on certain pieces (like wings and teeth), but not the rigged body. Am I missing something? Some incompatibility in something I am using and TFD? Any help would be tremendously appreciated. Tried to attach the model and scene but board won't let me. PM me for files.
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Re: Model with rig that won't calculate

Post by rednax » 29 Mar 2017, 18:07

From the TFD Lightwave help:

"If Fill Object is not checked, the emitter will affect voxels in a region around the surface of the tagged object(s). If the radius is smaller than the voxel size of the fluid container, aliasing artefacts may occur. This can result in the emission to have gaps or disappear entirely.
TurbulenceFD does not anti-alias the emission in order to make the simulation and shading results more robust against changes of the voxel size"

"If checked, the tagged object(s) will be filled with the values specified in this tag. Else, the values will be set only in a region around the surface of the object(s).
There is a special requirement for the geometry to work as a filled emitter. To sample the object geometry on the voxel grid, the simulation has to determine whether a voxel is inside the object and or outside of it. A simple plane does not work for that reason - it doesn't have an "inside". Instead, you would have to create a wall using a scaled box. All parts of the object have to be large enough to cover at least one voxel. Structures thinner than the voxel size will not be resolved properly on the voxel grid." ... rs/general

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