Looking good.

Fluid Dynamics for LightWave 3D
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Looking good.

Post by prometheus » 11 Jul 2017, 00:04

Well....got me a new machine now, asus G20cb gtx 1080...so now turbulence simulates very fast.

Still got some things now I would like to see, I haven´t got any answers still around wether or not particle advection will be an option with lightwave next, maybe it´s the NDA or the development of Lightwave in general that makes it unanswerable?

I would also like to see some effort on getting the opengl to showcase both fire and smoke, currently we have blender which does that for free, and houdini does it as well, in turbulenceFD we only got either smoke or fire in the openGL, so for immediate feedback while simulating, that should be something to improve on please.

I no longer have any crashes when tweaking opacity maps etc, maybe because of windows 10, or simply better graphics card or memory.

So I am more tempted now to an eventual purchase finally, but as mentioned, take a look at the above suggestions.
Oh..and by the way, Is it possible to have a check box, preferably checked by default with in turbulenceFD, that overrides active lightwave viewport so it is set to textured shaded solid, so it starts of with showing of the simulation in the openGL at once without having to set up things everywhere before getting started.

I also do not understand why it is set by default to have 0 density and temperature in the fluid emitter, that yields nothing, so why not have that as default, as well as activating density in the simulation tab?
I think things like that will make it way easier for anyone to start off with turbulencefd without to much fuzz.

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