Both rendering and editing maps extremly slow??

Fluid Dynamics for LightWave 3D
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Both rendering and editing maps extremly slow??

Post by prometheus » 16 Jul 2017, 22:51

I have tried various older versions of turbulenceFD, but the latest release, and despite I got a much better machine now..
former windows 7 asus nvidia gtx 480 older core processors and 12 gb of ram, and often using 32 bit at that time..
now windows 10 asus nvidia gtx 1080 32 gib of ram and using 64 bit..

I recall however that using the density maps and editing makes them extremly slow to drag, to the point of not being able to work properly with it...and this with VPR active and volume shadows off, and illuminate smoke off as well, but still the draging of the points is soo slow to react.

and for rendering, a bit too slow still when using illuminate smoke.but that isn´t hardly as irritating as not being able to tweak the map channels with vpr active, sure tweak without,´s just a gamble.

Any suggestion to what I could check in to if there is anything that could improve on these issues?

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