TFD for LightWave3D - Conventional Weapons Pack

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TFD for LightWave3D - Conventional Weapons Pack

Postby kat » 02 Jan 2018, 11:34

Hi there.
I released this just before Christmas. Much like th Nuclear Weapons pack I did a few years back, the Conventional Weapons pack contains several dozen (over 40) set ups and the work up files for things from flak bursts to IED and l and mine weapons and more.
For Lightwave3D users only.. Sorry C4D guys. Sadly jashca is distracted by modo people who keep him from TFD 2.0 and that neat scene conversion tool I heard about that would allow us to share stuff between C4D and LW3D TFD versions.

Well, maybe some day.

Just 39.95 US. ... -volume-1/

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