Reversing the rendered animation

2D Fluid Dynamics plug-in
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Reversing the rendered animation

Post by Katya » 28 Nov 2013, 22:32


I've downloaded the demo plugin to try it with a project im working on (I'm a student),

What i've done is to follow this tutorial:

with my own text.

The product is a text that converts to smoke and vanishes.

My question is:

For my projects' purpose I need the reverse effect of the tutorial, meaning that the smoke will form the text.

Trying to pre-compose the scene and applying layer>time>time reverse doesn't work and I'm getting a blank result (empty scene, without any animation).

I've already spent half a day trying to figure it out and I'd be thankful if you have any solution for this issue

To sum up the question:

How do I reverse the animation generated by Turbulence 2D plugin for after effects, inside after effects, without exporting it as a movie or PNG sequence and reverse the exported file/s.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Reversing the rendered animation

Post by perryharovas » 01 Dec 2016, 20:43

To my knowledge there is no way to do this without rendering first and doing the time -reverse on the rendered sequence.
Your thinking of pre-comping first and applying time-reverse would work in a normal situation, but from my tests in the past,
there appears (might be wrong about this) that there is something different about the simulations that the AE version of TFD does
that precludes this.

The only other option (and forgive me, it has been YEARS since I tried the AE version of TFD) is if the plugin has
a cahing option. If it does, perhaps if you cached it first, then pro-comped it, then applied the time-reverse?

That is only a guess, though.

Good luck!
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