Faking air displacement

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Faking air displacement

Postby vfxman222 » 07 Apr 2018, 19:09

I always get on these mini runs from time to time where I am trying to add subtle realism to TFD sims. The most recent was air displacement by a moving object. Think of a cigarette burning and the smoke stream travels upwards, but if you wave your hand near it your hand shoves air towards the smoke disrupting the flow.

I had designed an xpresso rig to basically map geometry vertex speed to a vertex map, creating an emitting surface for TFD Normal Force. I had built this with X-Particles due to the simplicity of getting that data right away. I will try to make the rig more Cinema4D native at some point so it doesn't require a 3rd party plugin to produce the data.

I then also tried to resolve the trailing side of the geometry to negate the vertex map. Effectively creating a low pressure zone. This way only the forward moving surfaces would emit a force. These two video samples show what I mean.

If you look closely you can see that the geometry does not intersect or collide with the TFD volume initially, yet it still moves it about like in real life. Without this force, the sim would just sit there untouched and lifeless.

Attempt 1 with a full mocap (crudely) rigged figure

Attempt 2 with a hand geometry (Using arm from Raoul Marks Astronaut v.0.2 vimeo.com/129091592)

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Re: Faking air displacement

Postby paulselhi » 07 Apr 2018, 23:21

Interesting stuff..I must play !!!
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Re: Faking air displacement

Postby vfxman222 » 13 Apr 2018, 01:06

paulselhi wrote:Interesting stuff..I must play !!!

It's fun, and adds some slight realism.

I will likely do a tutorial or release the rig at some point as a template.

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