Advances with Turbulance FD


I have here three Animations with TFD. At least i managed to get used to the Standard Options.
But i still have to learn the Explosion Setup.
On Youtube i found some good Tutorials, but i want to know how i can make a Explosion that is longer Aktive. Especially little Burning pieces that are blowed away.

The Explosion with Emitters are the last Part wich i have to learn.
Here are the Files:

Burn rate is one way, more fuel and in the burn settings you can adjust how long the fire lasts.

Burning pieces can be done with longer lasting particles emitting fuel and density. You can do these as a separate sim in their own container then render both containers at once, thus you can have different settings for the burn rate burn dissipation etc. If you want the particles to affect the original sim then have them there not emitting fuel but having velocity force so they move the original explosion but do not render
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