All available licenses are assigned to other machines - Cinema R21 -> S22


i have changed my Cinema 4D license from R21 perpedual to S22 subscription. Now I get the error message " All available licenses are assigned to other machines" when starting Turbulence FD. A new online activation does not work. Also in the old version R21 it does not work anymore. Do I have to activate my license again or what can I do?
How is it, if I have to switch between both Cinema versions? Is it still possible, or is TurbulenceFd only active in one version? Both Cinema versions use the same plugin folder.

Resolved via email.

Thank you! I will wait the next few days, not that you have to release the license again.

unfortunately the same thing has happened to me as well. i have seem some plugin websites where you can go in and “release the licences” so that you can re-apply them, something like this would make things easier

You can release your license by logging into your account on the Jawset site

Resolved via email.