All licenses in use problem

I have upgraded my version of TFD (old version didn’t seem to have bounding box and no open gl preview of fluid, can’t see anything).

After replacing the folder in the plugin folder, I am being asked for my license. We have two seats, but now only one is in use- how do we deactivate the old one?

Thank you

I have sent you a private message with the resolution.

I have a same issue. I have a volume license, when I updated the new version, a dialog box appears, it shows me: All licenses in use.

Resolution also sent as PM.

Same here. Please, help :slight_smile:

Please check your PMs

same [redacted] and it’s shows, that i’m a licensed user right next to username in post.

Hola, we seem to be having this issue as well… Can you PM me the resolution as well?

Note that i’m PM’ing these replies because they may contain user specific information about the licenses.

Generally, if you have a Single User or Floating license, you can manage its activation via This page shows you which machine it is currently activated on and allows you to remotely revoke the license such that you can activate it somewhere else.
If you have a node-locked Volume license, the revocation link is not available. In this case, please contact

Same here :frowning:

Help please, I am having this problem too…

Replied as private message.

The cause of these licensing issue can vary depending on your TFD license type and C4D license. In order to keep your licensing details private, please send related requests via email to

Thank you.