Any learning material on the forum?

Hi there! Are there any learning materials like tutorials, etc on the forum? Tks!

Not directly on the forum, but you can find a list of tutorials at
Is this what you are looking for?

I’m specifically talking about Reactions

There are no training materials for Reactions, yet. At this stage, the user guide grows step by step with the beta updates. We might get the first tutorials in Q2 2022.
At this point the Templates and Examples can be used as a starting point. And of course feel free to ask anything either here in the forums or via email to

Yes we are all still learning and it is a LOT to learn. I have had to take a break from Reactions as I am ‘trying’ to get a new tutorial done on a scene I am working on but so much going on at home ATM. Once I have that done and out of the way I intend to focus on reactions and will be doing tutorials. As i said in an earlier post I will be giving a discount on my reactions tutorials to those who have bought my current set in keeping with the wonderful generosity that Jascha is doing with the Reactions pricing. You can get my TFD series from here and of course I will always be here to assist if I can. TurbulenceFD (TFD) For Cinema 4D Fundamentals | Software | Training