Arnold..tripping on the steps

Generally if I cannot be bothered with vdb conversion I add an Arnold tag to my TFD container and set step size to 0.1 to get a good render. However if I convert to vdb and use an Arnold volume and set step size to 0.1 render times are far to long. If i set step size to 1 it races along and even 10 will often do.
It had been a stupid set procedure to set step sizes on the volume object to 0.1…I live and learn.

I think playing with Redshift has confused me

Arnold step sizes on VDB
SS 0.1 Render 7m 51 secs
SS 1 Render 1m 17 secs
SS 10 Render 33secs
SS 100 Render 27 secs
Seems betwen 1 and 10 is the sweet spot

Not so when adding an Arnold tag to a TFD container using bcf,it is far more picky then and demands at least a SS of 1
Here are the files…well maybe not this forum software baulks on anything …hence why i had to add jpgs. Here is the c4d file to sim I rendered frame 30 arnoldtyesting.c4d (321.8 KB)