Bcf2vdb - Split Velocity Channels

I am attempting to render out a turbulenceFD sim with motion blur in C4D/Redshift. This is proving to be quite difficult. I found a guide here that explains Redshift needs the velocity channels split into x,y, and z to be able to calculate motion blur. Unfortunately, the “-s” tag to split the velocity channels they recommend using within bcf2vdb doesn’t seem to work and isn’t listed as a command in the help file. I couldn’t find any documentation that mentioned a way to split the channels. I’m on TFD version 1457 on Windows. Am I missing something here or should I resort to applying motion blur in post?


There has been a version regression in the packaged bcf2vdb tool. Please upgrade to the latest build 1462 and try again.

That did the trick! Thanks so much.