Bcf2vdb - VDB is super tiny


I just purchased Turbulence FD and I’m coming across a problem with the VDB files. Once I turn the bcf files to vdb, and then import it into Redshift, the container is super tiny and the scale is way off. This messes up the alignment of things in the scene.

At first I thought it was Redshift, but I exported VDB files from X-Particles, and did not come across this issue. I then got a sample pack from Pixel Labs where they used TFD to create their clouds, and when I imported it to RedShift, the files were super tiny as well.

Is there any work around where I could have the VDB scale match exactly to once in my scene, a workflow perhaps or maybe a setting change in Turbulence FD, is there maybe another 3rd Party bcf to vdb that will help. Please help with this problem, I’ve been trying to fix this and haven’t come across any solution.



bcf2vdb uses meters as their length unit while C4D uses centimeters. If you scale the imported VDB object by 100 you’ll have the original scale.

The reason bcf2vdb uses meters is that most other DCC tools do. The typical use case for bcf2vdb is to export for use in other DCC tools. When using Redshift inside C4D, it should be easier to render the TFD container directly rather than exporting and re-importing it.
Is there a particular reason why you are doing the VDB round-trip instead of rendering directly?

Thank you for the quick response-you’re awesome and I hope all is well during these crazy times.

To answer your question. No.

There’s no particular reason, I’ve been relearning Cinema 4D, as well as other new things such as XP, Redshift, and now TFD which I just purchased. For explosions and Fire sims, the workflow with Octane from what I’ve seen in tutorials is similar to Redshift, I just add a Volume Tag straight onto the TFD Container, and I can render the channels like that. Using the TFD directly into Redshift is the workflow for animated simulation, no doubt.

However, there will be some scenes where I want to create a Cloud, or a Nebula, which is just 1 frame. To me a VDB seems more appropriate, because with that one Volume Object I can have the ease of dragging it anywhere, using a Cloner, etc. And I can then have a library of my own custom 1 frame nebulas and clouds as VDB files. If I were to use TFD all the time to emit those 1 frame clouds and nebulas…it seems to me it would just be messy.

Does that make sense. I 100% agree with you, but I do like options.

That makes sense. The VDB export workflow will be integrated into the TFD UI in the next release version. It will then also have a convenience option to apply the scale fix during export.


That’s great! I’ve heard rumors in various 3D fourms that a new version was releasing, this just confirmed it. My last question is…when will it release?

I’m a huge fan of “it’ll be ready when its ready”, but just curious.

We’re planning to start previewing in Q3 this year and start a beta phase as soon as it makes sense. It’s a big upgrade with many moving parts, hence more specific predictions are hard to make.

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Of course I absolutely understand, thank you for your time and again answering my questions!

  • Cheers!