C4D 2024 update

Is it too early to discuss C4d 2024 update for TFD?

I am curious if I will be able to use it in 2024 in the next few weeks or months? I just have a project that would benefit from the performance improvements because its huge… but I understand if it take awhile… not to sound pushy or anything like that!

thanks for any info!


Bumping up the thread. Is there a TFD coming for 2024?


Hey Thanos! Nice to meet you here, waiting too as well =)


Hey bud! yes let’s see I am curious if TFD is still a thing :slight_smile:


I hope it is I love this plugin.

Would be great to get an update

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Jascha hasn’t posted in almost a year (December 22) and the last daily build for anything was in February. I’ve sent multiple tech support emails directly to him over the past year with no response.

He used to be very responsive, so something happened, or maybe he’s done now that pyro is out…which would be really sad.


I’m sad don’t want to use fumefx!


Really hoping for this is as well…

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According to Toolfarm, there won’t be a 2024 update.

" Note: Jawset TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D does not support Cinema 4D 2024 and will no longer be supported in future versions."

That could mean he’s only moving forward with Reactions. But without hearing anything for almost a year, it’s more likely they’re both dead.

I hope I’m wrong.

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yeah I think its over, time to pick up embergen next best thing to real time GPU smoke and fire

I believe so too. Embergen crew seems enthusiastic to run with the torch…(kind of found a playful pun I like it…LOL)

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I can get no feedback. Looking at Pyro…until…

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je pense qu’une société comme Jawset ne laissera pas tomber TFD
I think a company like Jawset will not let TFD fall

Paid for this 6 months ago and its already dead in the water… There goes that money

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Same here.

like should we not be given a refund if its dead? surely they should have let us know if something was happening

I like Turbulencefd too much and therefore I am staying on version C4D 2023.2.2 but at least I can use this plugin. It is true that for people who have just purchased it, it would have been wise to warn them of the non-update for Cinema 4D 2024. Between us the Jawset site is still valid so why do you think that turbulenceFD will not be Updated for C4D 2024: A little patience!!!
I think we have to wait!!!

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just for the fact its been radio silence for a year, and also it was mentioned on some sites that development is done

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