C4D 2024 update

you can still use it. this type of stuff with plugins becoming defunct has been going on for 20 years with c4d… I remember CORE ARSENAL Jenna Tools… those were the days… ALLIE…this was pre mograph… c4d R9.6 BIOMEKK shaders, smells like almonds shaders… this is why you keep all your old versions of c4d… I can go back to R14 if I have too…LOL on my old12 core mac…

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l’important est la création . Chaque plugin sert à faciliter le résultat de ces idées pour aboutir à ce que l’on cherche à obtenir. Moi aussi je peux revenir à C4D R14 et cela ne me dérangerait pas quand je vois un certain stéphane Lallet qui produisait des séries animées que ce soit pour une TV ou pour son plaisir et si demain TurbulenceFD était comme vous le dites dans plugin Obsolète cela ne m’empêcherait pas de l’utiliser et de l’appliquer dans after effects par calque .

I’m so sad about Reaction but never give up hoping …

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I remember our convo last year about TFD and Jascha thought that its not enough. My argument was that all we need is simple fire/smoke tool with better quality than c4d default pyro.

I would still pay for TFD, but i think its clear for me since 1.5 years now that the development/user base of tfd/reactions doesnt move forward anymore.
I ll stick to houdini, cannot trust anymore this plugin/mentality unfortunately, despite all my good intentions. Sorry, I really liked TFD, but doesnt seem that is a thing anymore (same as realflow, had similar experiences in forums/replies before i let it go for good)


I saw Realflow just got updated to 2024 but doesn’t help me with fire sims

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I meant they were letting plugin die for years and at some point i just left their forums and everything and never looked back. Same as Merkvilson plugins.

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Please, just let us to use it with a new versions of C4D. Pyro sucks, it will not be good as TFD next 10 years.

Please please


Hello Jascha,

I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to express my enthusiasm as a satisfied user of Turbulence FD and to seek clarity on the future development and support of this outstanding software.

I understand that the demands of software development can be complex and time-consuming. However, as an invested user, I am keenly interested in the trajectory of Turbulence FD. A public announcement in the forums about the software’s future, or any updates regarding its development, would greatly benefit the user community.

I am particularly interested in whether there are plans for continued development, and if so, whether there will be compatibility upgrades for C4D 2024. I am more than willing to support the software through a paid maintenance upgrade, as I find Turbulence FD’s capabilities and aesthetics surpass those of other fluid simulation programs such as Pyro.

Your response is crucial for users like myself who are considering which fluid simulation program to commit to in the future. Knowing the direction of Turbulence FD will not only guide our decisions but also help us plan our learning and workflow effectively.

Best regards, Eduardo


Please Jascha, can we get an update for 2024, this one in C4D will never be good and useful like TFD.


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Guess this explains it:

Now wondering how long licenses will still work if they won’t be administered by Jawset

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i have emailed LW asking if we can expect c4d updates still, i will post when i hear back

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more and more seems like EMBERJAM!!! is what is the replacement!

I will also get in touch with the LightWave

I like Embergen and use it often but there is still a lot that it can’t do in the context of sharing data globally within a C4D scene like you can do in TFD. I also don’t feel the results are quite as good. Not to keep going but if your dealing with multiple sources there is always issues with scene scale, alignment and round tripping is a huge pain in the butt. If I’m going to do that I might as well just solve in Houdini and bring it into C4D…

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yes…you are right…but trying to stay positive… and those guys making Embergen seem passionate enough to overcome all of the obstacles… so I can see in the very near future the current issues will be solved…

Lightwave says they only bought the LW plugin…

is possible that we got left with out any note/info about the future. Even with out update TFD is so much better than any other availably option. Pyro in C4D is just at the beginning, and progressive development is just not there. I still have a hope that we will get an update for it. The X-particles have a good one, but its to slow but a lot of details.

TFD has always been better than explosia/XP and now Pyro. Embergen looks good and is fast but I dont want to deal with the back-and-forth outside C4D.

Like has been said before, I’d be happy to pay for a new license if that keeps development going.

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everyone would pay, even an maintenance plans each year.
BTW explosia FX is a small scale and dose have more details than any other plugin or software. The only problem is slow and small. But it’s insane good.

Thing is tho insydium xp as a company are falling very far behind and losing a lot of customers due to scammy pricing plans. If you don’t wanna use tfd in older c4d then just try Houdini