C4D Field Forces

Hey there, is there a way to use C4D field forces or the xpFlowField directly as a Force to the simulation? I know it works via particles, but maybe there is a way to control the simulation directly? That would be cool. Thanks!

You can use the FF to drive particles which can then either affect channels or act as emitters themselves.

Thank you Paul! Yes this works fine - but maybe it’s my lack of skills but i think you can kinda always see the particles. Some direct manipulation via a velocity field would be cool though.

Increase the emitter radius of the particles on the TFD tag

You can also have an object such as a plane and add force to that via the TFD emitter tag. It will push the simulation around and you can animate that object. However this force has no fall off.

Wow, i really did miss that. Thank you very much! I will try again.

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