C4D has Pyro now...how does it compare to TFD?

Ok, I am still at Cinema4DR20.059, more or less the last perpetual version before the abo model arrived and I have TFD for many years already. So, this topic does not really apply to my situation (for the moment). However, we see now the first fluid simulation option in Cinema4D in the form of “Pyro” and I am curious what this means for TFD.

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hmm … hard times. If Maxon also integrates Fluid and Particles into the Unified Simulation, it will also be hard for Insydium and/or realflow. We will see …

However one would like to judge this …


I think it is a port of Embergen. First impressions are that it’s integration into C4D is deep and opens up so many possibilities. So far my main issue is not knowing how far you can detail a sim, I think this is the case with sparse solvers, you will not know when you have hit your GPU mem limit until it crashes. That may be be many hundreds of frames into a simulation. TFD gives a fairly accurate ‘suggestion’ of GPU ram usage

It also, as any app will do, creates the odd corrupt vdb. This means having to resim from the start to get a clean sequence. TFD allows you to simulate from a known good sim frame so you can recreate the messed up bcf without having to sim the whole simulation. And AFAIK you cannot do upresing.

It’s not a port of embergen

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TFD is going to receive maintenance updates for while (exact end-of-life still TBD). The development of Reactions is not affected for now. Reactions is about more than C4D, fluids or even physics simulations.


COOL ! I love this, Jacha. I can sleep peacefully now

That is good to hear that you still believe in the future of Reactions and that it will be independent of a certain host software.