C4D Physical Render and Multiple Scattering

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TFD and C4d

Have been banging my head against a wall a bit with a fairly simple scene that I was doing smoke look dev in a separate scene using standard render, then getting freaked out with the look of the sim when rendered in the other (main) file, which is using Physical. Took me all day to bug-hunt it down to the render-engine! :laughing:

Sim takes about 4 mins to multiple scatter when using Standard render on Part 1/2 then 2-3 secs on Part 2/2 - smoke looks excellent, renders in about 1minute after all calculations, total render time 5 minutes.

Sim takes about 2 microsecs to multiple scatter when using Physical render on Part 1/2 then about 1 second Part 2/2. Smoke is washed out, overlit, has no shadows (Surprise surprise!). Total render time 1 minute 10 seconds.

If I use Physical Render and change the illumination type under ‘General’ to ‘Accurate’, then it renders a lot like the Standard Renderer, with good shadows etc.

There is no scattering calculation, however, and each bucket takes something like 25 minutes to render. I abandoned it after 3 buckets at 55 mins.

Is there a setting somewhere for Physical Render to multiple scatter the same as standard?

Anyone else using Physical Render with TFD?

I made a mistake, the ‘Illumination type’ set to ‘Accurate’ is under the smoke shader ‘Illumination’ menu in the ‘Rendering’ tab, not in the ‘General’ menu…

I’m really stuck, though…I need the Physical renderer for this shot, and the only way to include properly shaded TFD volume is a render that might take to days to finish :grimacing:

Does anybody have any success with multiple scattering under Physical Render in C4d?
I saw a recent thread reporting the lack of multiple scatter, so it seems others have come across this issue…is there a fix?


I’ve found the fix.

Turn OFF multiple scattering completely when rendering in Physical…

Same result as Standard with multiple scattering…

Only took a couple of days of smashing my head into the keyboard :sweat_smile:

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Don’t you just love it when it stops struggling and jumping about and lets you put the lead on.

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