C4D R24 Not Showing Up on Mac M1 Mini

Cannot get it to show in Extensions. reinstalled it 3 times. Any thoughts?

In order to run TurbulenceFD on Macs with Apple Silicon chips (M1), you can open C4D using Rosetta (see below on how to to this).
Native support for Apple Silicon is in development for Reactions, the successor to TurbulenceFD. The first Beta builds will be available this summer.

To open C4D using Rosetta,

  • Open the C4D app in Finder
    Either right-click C4D in the Dock and select Options/Show in Finder,
    or navigate to /Applications/Maxon Cinema 4D… in Finder.
  • Right-click ‘Cinema 4D’ and select ‘Get Info’
  • Check ‘Open using Rosetta’
  • Restart Cinema 4D

Note that this does work reliably for C4D R20 through R25. The current version R26.013 crashes with Rosetta.