C4D S24.111 / TFD 1472 Non-Functional

Updated C4D SP1. TFD 1472 no longer working.

Yep, same here.

+1 same here, probably just some viewport changes in c4d

Same for me, have reverted back to C4D S24.037 for now and it’s working again.

I assume everyone here is using windows?

I am, yes. Wonder if the problem is the same on Mac.

Please try the new build 1474. It adds support for C4D 24.111.

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Thanks Jascha.

Working again here. Thanks a lot Jasha !

We need an update for Mac. too.

Thanks Jascha, You legend!

To revert back… Do you just run the older C4D installer?

No need now that the TFD has been updated.

However if you do need to go to an older version of C4D, check if there’s an offline installer from Maxons site.

I managed to find an official offline installer from another site but pretty sure I can’t share the link in case that kind of thing isn’t allowed… I found it by googling C4D S24.037 offline download. You put in your serial and details like normal. Be careful though I’m not recommending you do this incase you come across a dodgy one so do at your own risk.