C4D Simulation in viewport overlaid on top of all objects


I have a simulation with a collision object.
Everything works fine, but the preview in the viewport shows the simulation overlaid on top of all the meshes, even the parts that are behind the object.
It is really complicated to check how the sim is interacting with the objects.
I´ve check all the viewport preferences and view modes from C4D, nothing changes.
Any ideas??


No issues here…try updating your GPU driver

If updating the GPU driver does not help, please post your C4D and TFD versions as well as the TurbulenceFD log file

  • (Windows) %APPDATA%\jawset\turbulence.log
  • (MacOS) ~/Library/Preferences/jawset/turbulence.log

Thank you.

Thank you both for your quick response.
Unfortunately updating the GPU didn’t help.

These are my software versions:

  • TurbulenceFD_C4D_v1-0_1465
  • Cinema4D R23.110

Attached you can find the TFD log.

Thank you!

turbulence - Copy.txt (113.6 KB)

post that file up and i will see if i get the same.

There you go Paul, thanks

TFD_problem.c4d (164.6 KB)

Before i even run it i see you have no tfd tag on the cube and thus it cannot collide.

Yes, but the see through is the problem,

Happens also with a collider tag.

OK I see it…yet another example of why R23 is considered “unstable”…

I find it fairly stable though and thus will not update it !! But it is renowned for being very very buggy. I am happy with R21 to be honest and though i do work in R23 I will not uninstall R21 and keep R20 as well so as to make sure TFD is stable in all versions

Lovely, a good remainder that sometimes constantly updating software has not that many advantages… :see_no_evil:

Thanks a lot for your help Paul :pray: I´ll check with Maxon and see if they know what can be the issue… and probably will go back to previous versions for TFD projects

Thanks for narrowing this down. This is still a TFD issue, though. R23 has a new viewport, which TFD must deal with. I’ll look into it.

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Thanks Jascha!