C4D Viewport problem

Hey guys, I’m running the latest C4D and latest TurbulenceFD and I’m having problems with my viewport. Looks as though the simulation bounding box cuts off my geometry.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Graphics drivers are up to date as well.

This was an older problem, you need to use the LATEST build 1475

I downloaded the latest version earlier and this is still an issue unfortunately

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Agreed, the problem is still here !!

Please try build 1476. This should resolve the issue in R24.

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Thanks Good fix

Hi, build 1476 still has this problem in R23. Can we fix it please? thanks

Also installing the 1476 build messed up my cached sim with 1469, i had to revert to fix this

Please try build 1477. It should fix the viewport issue in R23.

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Thank you. Btw since this .exe installation, do i just install on top of the previous one? thanks

Yes. The installer will uninstall the previous version.

Hi, the clipping issues are fixed.
Please take a look another issue i found, while rotating viewport during interactive sim: Dropbox - tfd_Viewport_r23.webm - Simplify your life


Not 100 % sure but that strikes me as a GPU refresh issue…I will d/l and test the new release later and see if I get the issue.

No problems here on R24 with my Titan or 1070 will test on r23…yes there are some “stuttering” issues on R23. To be honest, at the end of the day, you really are going to have to move on from R23, R24 has made such major changes under the hood and R25 will build on those…you will be facing more and more issues unless you upgrade to R24.

Thanks for the feedback. What changes that affect TFD u referring to? I dont tend to move on fast from version to version as client work doesnt allow me to test things all the time. R23 is barely 1 years old version also.

ps. Everyone told me also that s24 is very unstable

R24 works differently with the GPU relying on DirectX…there are a rake of other changes in R24 best see Maxon for a run down on those. R24 is no more unstable than R23.

Thanks, yea i knew that. Problem also is that s24 has much worst viewport performance in many things than r23. I can live with the tfd stuttering in r23 for now :slight_smile:

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It is the nature of this game we love to play, it’s like Jumanji…and the board keeps changing.

I can confirm the jumping frames. This seems to occur specifically when using viewport handles during an interactive simulation in R23 on Windows. I’ll look into it.

In S22 (Mac and Win) and R23 (Win only) the viewport system is in a tricky intermediate state of a transition to a new system. In R21 TFD can still safely use the old system, while in R23 (Mac) and R24 (Win) it can use the new system. S22 and R23 have a few surprises to keep plugin devs entertained.

I can’t speak to overall stability though. With software as complex as C4D this depends a lot on which parts you are actually using.