C4D Wont Launch with Reactions Installed

Out of nowhere, after a reboot, Reactions is causing C4D to crash at the loading plugins splash screen.

No updates made to anything, but removing Reactions allows C4D to launch.

C4D S24-2023.1

Reactions 0.2.8 and


Please wait for next release. Current version does not support 2023.1 and above yet.

MOstly come here everyday to see if there is some new Reaction update T.,T

Something must be up. Don’t know if it it’s a coincidence, but it seems ever since Pyro was released, any TFD/Reactions updates stopped.

Hey Jawset-Team, I just recognized that Reaction is available for Mac but as mentioned above: if reactions is installed, C4D crashes instantly with the Plugins loading screen. Once reactions ist removed from the plugins folder, everythings works fine.

R25.121 on MacOS 13.5.1

If you want/need further information, let me know. Sunny regards, Tom

Jascha is heavily engrossed in updates and builds and will be giving us some news soon