Cache Skipping Frames

Started to have an issue with caching a sim where frames will get skipped. Sim is fine on either side of the frame, it’s just blank.

Log says “Exception in BCF::openInput: IOException in Core\io\cache_file.cpp:102: Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. Filename: {path}”

But this is on a fresh cache so not sure how it can be ins use.

Anyone else seeing this?

Have you tried setting a separate cache folder and copying over the bcf last good one and then doing a continue from frame sim ? I think you may need the last sim state at the least maybe the whole cache but it may work if say frame 50 is missing then sim from frame 49. Not sure…try it.

Could it also happen due to using to video cards where one is loading bcfs for the display and one is creating them and on rare occasions they clash ? Or perhaps the CPU and or GPU is using a file to write it to disk AND prepare for the next file sim ? I have yet to face that issue but i do notice I often get ghost bcfs showing up when I resim, flickering in and out of existence on live update

The sim isnt complex enough to use multiple GPUs or drop to the CPU. Also happens when unchecking “Update Editor” so there isnt a preview to display while caching.

Try the continue from last good frame to create the missing frame

Could do that except its not just one missing frame. So would need to continue from last good frame on the first missed frame, then the next missed frame after that recache and it skips frames, then recahce from that first missed frame, etc…

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Is it a standard emitter or are you using xparticles ? Can you give me a stripped down TFD scene to test…and you have set up antivirus exceptions for bcf files. Are all dynamics and if possible particles cached ?