Can TurbulenceFD create a geyser like this?


Trying to come up with a geyser like this:
Triton with Geysers and Neptune - Stock Image - C033/4861 - Science Photo Library

And, I’ve hit a wall. I’ve tried to experiment with Wind but of course that affects the whole thing.

Im wanting to produce a jet that goes straight up but at a certain…altitude (time) it hits some kind of jetstream and is swept away.

How might I go about this? Is it even possible with this plugin? Basically I don’t know what I don’t know and Im searching for a solution.

use a plane object with force as a wind object, or several with varying strengths.
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Hi Paul

How does one apply a Force to a plane or make it behave in that kind of way? I’ve searched for functionality like that but cant figure it out. Thank you so far.

Make it an emitter and use the force option there.

The correct way to do it is to balance, temperature, cooling, buoyancy and wind however the force on a plane is often more manageable. I would stack a series of planes up with increasing forces you go higher


Im wanting it to rise vertically and then, at a given altitude, be caught / affected by crosswinds. Not sure that theres any way of doing that with just balancing temp/buyancy and whatever; the wind just goes bezerk on the entire sim.

Im experimenting with the planes idea now thank you!

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