Can't emit from Voronoi fracture selection tag (TFD + C4D)

I’m trying to do a destruction sim and I want dust to emit from between the pieces of a voronoi fracture object. When i make the object an emitter it emits from ALL faces (A). So i generate a selection tag for Inside Faces and i drop that into the emission “restrict to selection” field… but when I do so i get no emission (B.) If i bake the voronoi ojbect into individual pieces I drag the selection tag in, it will work (C) but this ruins my workflow. Is there any way to get TFD to read the voronoi fracture selection tag?

A. emitting from all faces
B. no emission
C. correct emission from inside faces after baking sim

How is baking effecting your workflow ?

A non-destructive workflow lets me iterate faster. If i have to bake down elements, then run sim, then evaluate results, then revert, make changes, run sim, evaluate… it’s a slog.

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