Car Wind Tunnel

dear all,

we simulate a wind tunnel and we have trouble “calm” the air-flow behind the car-body.
The actual flow of water vapor behind the car should be still recognized as lines - not a total mish-mash.
Does anyone have an idea with which settings we can achieve this? We’ve tried almost everything in TFD.

thank you

Try adding a plane with force at the back or increasing the wind speed.

Dear Paul,

thank you for your tip. We tried a long time any possible settings.
We add a plane with force at the back of container. It works much better,
but the diameter of flow is getting flat at the end (see pictures).
Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?

thank you

Try adding an attractor, an emitter with negative pressure at the final points. If you want to have it fully under control maybe uses spline emitters for the smoke paths